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Below are some services that ABOUT FRANCE has provided to its clients along with their testimonials.


This is an excellent way to expose your products or services in the same place not only to a French audience but often to an international one. Your participation, however,  must be well thought out in advance, looking at every angle of this investment. Using ABOUT FRANCE services facilitates every step of the process, saving time and money.

Samco“SAMCO has been using the services of ABOUT FRANCE now for over 2 years. With ABOUT FRANCE’s assistance, we have introduced ourselves to the French market, exhibiting at many trade fairs including SPACE, ETA and Contractor’s AGM in La Rochelle. Charlotte arranged all trade stands and acted as our interpreter on the stands. She continues to promote us in France by organising SAMCO field trials, setting up contacts with French distributors along with negotiating contracts on our behalf. We are confident that we will continue to expand our business there with the assistance of ABOUT FRANCE. ”

Samuel SHINE / Managing Director / www.samco.ie


Whether you are at the early stage of your business development or at a more advanced level, you may need French speaking assistance to help you with increasing your business and above all retain it in a very efficient way. ABOUT FRANCE provides you with the right solution, offering you flexible and cost effective assistance.

“2011 will be our 3rd year of collaboration with ABOUT FRANCE and we are happy to keep going with this precious assistance. As it doesn’t make sense to set up a representation in Ireland, ABOUT FRANCE is the most cost effective solution to represent us. Charlotte negotiates our media plan, organises our public relations and finds innovative marketing tools to develop our exposure.”

Benoit DELALOY / International Manager / www.sommet-elevage.fr

“We are very comfortable with ABOUT FRANCE as our representative and have included Charlotte Jehanno on all our stationery.”

Samuel SHINE / Managing Director / www.samco.ie

SOLVING ISSUES (delivery / payment / etc…):

Are you spending too much time and energy chasing payments or sorting out delivery issues? Would you like to negotiate much more favourable deals with your suppliers? ABOUT FRANCE is on your side to ease those “little” details that could become bigger every day.

” Two days before Easter, we got a call from one of our Irish clients, complaining about a delivery of cauliflowers. He told us that the products seemed to have been damaged and were partially unsuitable to be sold. As a part of the payment was not guarantee, we asked for ABOUT FRANCE  help. This assistance had 2 targets: first of all, assessing the product visually in order to estimate what was the quantity wasted ;  secondly, finding an agreement which would be fair for both parts.

ABOUT FRANCE and its representative, Charlotte Jehanno, helped us to reach those targets. The service provided was very efficient, saving time and money.  Acting quickly is essential in our business as we deal with perishable products.  ABOUT FRANCE was there on our behalf  and on time. We would not have any doubt to use this service again should we face a similar case “.

Jean-François JEZEQUEL – Responsable des Ventes – www.primeurs-des-iles.com


New products, new services, research & development … Whether you wish to invite your clients to discover your plant or you need to set up a trade mission, ABOUT FRANCE will negotiate and arrange ground handling services on your behalf. Private companies as well as trade associations that dealt with us were entirely satisfied.

IHEDATE was pleased to have chosen ABOUT FRANCE as a partner for the organisation of its 2010 study tour in Ireland. It’s mainly due to Charlotte Jehanno’s work that this trip went perfectly well and the level of satisfaction from our participants proved it”

Philippe ESTEBE / Manager / www.ihedate.org

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